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We offer private rooms with full baths and bungalows for the hostel seeking backpacker with breakfast included. A perfect place for water activities.

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Tortuga Bacalar

Tortuga Bacalar, live the life!

House with access to the lagoon located on the coast, between Cenote Negro and Cenote Azul. Our dock is right in front of the Isla de Pájaros across the lagoon. It consists of a main house made of stone with 3 rooms and a lobby with a public bathroom.

Closer to the lagoon we have a small studio house with exit to the patio. In addition, we have a restaurant-bar in a Belizean style hut above the entrance to Tortuga. 

There is a lounge on the terrace of the main house overlooking the lagoon. In the garden and patio there are hammocks distributed for your comfort very close to the lagoon, as well as a dock from which you can jump into the water to cool off.

 Very close to the lagoon in our beach club there is another bar.

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Tortuga Bacalar, live the life!

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